Hand-Made Rigs

Shakira's Singing Sandwich


This Sandwich has a passion for singing, and he made his debut along with Shakira herself. 

The rig was designed to give the maximum amount of control, both manual and automatic, to each of the ingredients of the Sandwich. To convey piece weights there are group controls with adjustable attributes to modify the influence of each section as well as individual layers of controls to tweak the animation further.

He’s also equiped with stetch and squash as well as spine and “feet” controls. 

Model and textures by BittAnimation (https://www.bittanimation.com).

The Star Giraffe


This sporty biped giraffe counts with IK and FK controls for all his limbs, a hybrid spine, a ribbon neck, a jaw, a tongue and snout controls and a hell of cardio resistance. 

The animation was made by Roman Zabludovsky (linkedin.com/in/roman-zabludovsky-86236a182/).

The Manticore


This “quadruped” has the whole deal: Front and back legs, tail with optional dynamic switches and group controllers. It also has IK/FK hybrid spine and neck. 

The wings can function in either IK or FK mode for any situation and they also have separate auto-fold controllers for the fingers and the whole wings.

The animation was made by Maria Paula Barquero (instagram.com/xmapau/).

Pinto The Rooster


Pinto the Rooster

Pinto is a tough guy with a lot of personality. He has a very stretchy body with two waddles that follow it for ease of use but can also be shaped if needed. He has group controls for all of his wings’ and tail’s feathers and as well as his fingers.

For his facial, he has an animatable crest and beak, and also a smart eyeball setup for looking around and also seamlessly controlling the size of the iris and pupil, blinking and the shape of his brows, all with simple transform, scale and rotation attributes.



This prop rig was used for a live action comercial. The rig has FK and IK controls to manipulate the bag and its corners. It also has a main controller to rotate all FK controls at once for fast and easy animation. The rig also has separate twisting controls so the animator can keep the rotation of the main controllers clean while also achieving the twisting. 

The bag has a stretch and squach control that also orients the bag to the direction the controller moves to and can open and shape the top part of the bag as well. 

Model and textures by BittAnimation (https://www.bittanimation.com).

The WeirdWood Series


These three characters are video game compatible made for the Weirdwood Mannor 2 mobile game and are capable of doing a wide variety of very dynamic poses. Additionally, thanks to the Perseus Auto Rig, they have a lot of flexibility in their faces and are capable of making every emotion the situation demands of them.

The WeirdWood Characters were modeled and textured by Estudio Shout for Relish Productions.



Daigon is a lava monster from the very depths of the earth. His body is made of bone, rock and fire. 

This rig’s specialty is, of course, its facial. With a combination of joints and blendshapes, Daigon can make a very wide variety of expressions and even speak. He has a facial UI with movable and hideable menus for ease of use and to reduce the clutter, as well as controllers on his face for more general and big deformations.

His demo has him perform a lip-sync with audio from the dragon Smaug from “The Hobbit.” 

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