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Sebastián Cisneros
Maya Rigging Artist

About me

I was always a big fan of animated movies and after watching Open Season 3 in 2010 an idea occurred to me: someone has to make these. That was the start of the journey that’s brought me here. 

I started down this road in ninth grade with Cheetah 3D in a Macintosh with youtube tutorials. Then moved unto Cinema 4D and finally Maya. Around halfway through collage, I discovered rigging and afterward there was no way back. That’s what I wanted to work on.

I have been working as a freelancer since 2020, successfully carrying out tasks that range from rigging artist, to rigging lead and general project manager. In this time I’ve created rigs for video games, movie teasers, short films, music videos, motion capture, TV, Marvel streaming shows, commercials and posing for Netflix advertisements.

It’s an incredible field the one I’ve chosen; filled with amazing people from all around the globe. Who knows where the world of animation will take me next, but I’m really excited to find out.

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"Sebastián has been my go-to guy ever since I met him. Whenever a project goes beyond the skillset of my internal team, he is who I call. Not only does he always do exactly what I need under very tight deadlines, he always gives us a better result than we were hoping for. He is clear, professional, and best of all, easy to work with. My only regret in writing this is he may get a full-time job and I will no longer be able to hire him freelance.”
“I’ve known Sebastián for a couple of years and together we have faced all possible and impossible production and rigging challenges and he always did his best to solve them all. He is a brilliant and helpful partner in projects. Even when matters don’t directly concern his part of the job, he’ll help figure out the root of the issue and solve it before it ever impacts the results.”
"Sebastian will always be my go-to rigger. Great worker, delivers on time and is a great person to be around with. Adaptability is one of his biggest strengths since he can manage custom systems made on his own and troubleshoot systems made by 3rd parties as if they were of his. Socially speaking, he has some of the best team skills I have seen, easygoing, respectful, and a super nice worker overall. 100% Recommended!"
"Sebastian is remarkably reliable. I frequently reach out to him to troubleshoot kickbacks from our ANIM team, and he consistently resolved them with ease. His proficiency made him a go-to resource when his Lead was away. In addition to being an excellent troubleshooter, Sebastian excels in problem-solving, demonstrating a proactive and collaborative approach. I could confidently leave a request with him from either our ANIM or Crowd department, and he would investigate independently, reaching out to respective departments for additional information. His ability to collaboratively work with different departments ensures sustainable solutions for our pipeline, contributing to a smooth workflow.”
"Sebastian’s passion for rigging fuels his body and soul. As his coworker during Stellar Creative Lab, I witnessed how he approached every challenge with a willingness to learn and a keen technical eye ready to optimize workflows or provide solutions that resulted in better deformations and setups. I admire how Sebastian successfully manages his professional and freelance work, he is a reliable coworker and rigger. Any project would be lucky to have him on board as a developer, “Sup supervisor”, or as a rigging artist with the upmost dedication, talent, responsibility and endless supply of dad jokes. You need only ask."
"I wholeheartedly believe that it's impossible to find a person more driven to learn and take on new challenges while having such a genuine passion for rigging than Sebas. When you get to know him, you'll discover not only an outstanding rigger with a meticulous concern for getting every aspect of his work right, but also an incredible collaborator with a drive to find new and creative solutions to the challenges ahead. Not only did I have complete trust that he would excel in every assignment he had, but I also could always count on his helping hand whenever it was needed. I learned a lot from him about how he consumes knowledge and applies it directly to his work; He's undeniably an invaluable member of our team."
"Sebas is my former student, not only is he is a good rigger; he's a great person, kind and responsible. I highly recommend him as an artist. He would be a great fit for any company that values talent and effort.”


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2022 AlexanderRichterTD
Python for Maya

2020 – 2022 Instituto Técnico Bilingüe
Business Administration

2016 – 2022 Universidad Véritas
3D Digital Animation

2004 – 2016 Blue Valley School
High School Diploma + IB Art

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