Mutant-Based Rigs

Raid's Bugs


The Mosquito, Gnat and Moth made for this commercial were made from versions of a custom mutant template I developed mixing pre-made blocks and costume python code. 

They have IK and FK controls on all legs, spaceswitches for legs, tail and wings, auto flapping attributes and are fully rebuildable with controls and skinning preserved. 

The bugs from Raid’s “Fly to the Light” commercial were made by BittAnimation ( The demo animation was made by Roman Zabludovsky (

Schweppes's Chameleons


The three Chameleons in Schweppes’s “Meet your Match” Commercial were made using a custome mutant template. The rigs are fully equipped with IK and FK limbs as well as a forward-backward hybrid cuadruped spine with extra IK controls.  They also include extra controls to add secondary motion to the stomach and flappy neck areas.

The characters also have expressive facial rigs and eyes capable of complex deformations to accomodate for chamaleons’ wide rotation and translation range of movements. 

They also have space switches for limbs, spine and tail and an editable coiling system for the tail so it wraps from the back to the front both vertically and horizontally without intersecting geometries based on PointOnPolly’s video explanation. 

The models, animation, textures, shaders and renders from Schweppes’s ” Meet your Match” commercial were made by BittAnimation (

Gaia's Monster Lamp Rig


Models, animations, textures and renders from Gaia’s ” Monsters” commercial were made by Laposta Vfx.

For Laposta Vfx’s “Gaia Monsters” commercial I rigged the lamp furniture monster.  The character has non symetrical and non centered IK/FK “legs” as well as a hybrid spine and IK/FK arms capable of smoth, swinging animation.

The challenge of this character was figuring out ways to give the animator options on how to make the character emote with a facial rig that made sense with the pieces the character had. In the end the brows were reimagined as the top of the lamp, the eyelids the section bellow that, the eyeballs would become the light bulbs and the mouth a division in the middle of the light cover. 

Marvel's What If...? Season 2


During my time in Stellar Creative Lab we mainly used the inhouse autorig for most of the rigs of Marvel’s What If…? Season 2. However, in episode 9, the Shadowsnakes, The Great Protector and Zombie Wanda Maximoff were made using Mutant Tools as it offered a lot more flexibility for non-biped characters. 

Most of the The Great Protector and Wanda’s rigs were developed with the preset blocks with some post build setups. The ShadowSnakes however were more costume-made and Mutant was used as a quick way to make the smaller controls and setups, as it also works as a support tool for more unorthodox characters. 

Rights to all characters and IP belong to Stellar Creative Lab, Marvel Studios and Disney.

Marvel Zombies


Marvel Zombies is another project I worked on during my time in Stellar Creative Labs and for this show all rigs were done using Mutant Tools. This includes main and secondary characters, props and vehicles. 

Marvel Zombies is yet to be released. 

Rights to all characters and IP belong to Stellar Creative Lab, Marvel Studios and Disney.

Mutant Tools is a modular, donation supported auto rig created by Esteban Rodriguez. It can be downloaded at

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