RdM-Based Rigs



Navael is a paladin with a ton of heavy-duty armor. Rdm was used as a base for the general body and was slightly modified. The props were hand-rigged and the shoulder plates have a method for preventing crashing with the chest piece. The facial was done with Mohammad Jafarian’s spectacular Perseus auto rigger.

Navael is a character from the short teaser Rimor, created by Michael Navarro, Ignacio Bolaños, Hamid Rojas and David Villegas.

Alicia Keys, Rauw Alejandro & Nicky Jam


Alicia Key’s Underdog music video was made up of around 26 rigs in total and all of them are modified versions of RdM Autorig. Each one is made to be able to accomplish not just their normal actions but every scenario the studio could think of putting them in. Modifications were made to the way some of the parts are joined to each other and some have extra functionalities added to them but the rigs are RdM at their core.

In this project I worked as a rigger, I did all of the facial rigs for all 26 characters and a couple of the body rigs. However, I also worked as the rigging lead, I designed and taught the pipeline to the team I was in charge of, checked the models upon arrival, assigned tasks, checked and corrected files before delivery, and made sure everything was on schedule for the deadlines.

The models, animation, textures, shaders and renders were made by Estudio Shout for Alicia Keys.



Toothless model, textures and shading was provided by the client.

Same as the rest, the base for Toothless’s rig is Rdm. Being that the rig is for bipeds and Toothless is most definitely not a biped, this time many more modifications were needed. Some of the reverse foot parts were rebuilt, extra controls were added for the back clavicles, and all the wings, flaps, and tail were hand-rigged. 

Toothless has attributes for auto folding his wings and flaps and controllers for moving each segment individually as well as the membranes between them. He also has controls for posing and adjusting all of his props when they’re on.



This cheerful family was all rigged using RdM and Perseus and from there extra features were made. Some of those are a knee pin for the mother (Right), a necklace rig for the adult daughter, and an easy-finger-posing controller for all of them. This controller makes posing the hand in relaxed, closed and grabbing poses a breeze to do as, it is all controlled with the rotation of a sphere, this also helps make the animations incredibly smooth as the fingers move in a coordinated and pleasant way. 

Characters were created by Lisseth Rosa Ortiz, Verónica Márquez and myself.



Loterito is a pretty fun guy. His perfectly circular body left a lot of creativity on how he would deform and a lot of flexibility for the rig. Like the others, he is RdM-based but for the use of the limbs, the rest was deleted or rebuilt to work more in line with the character’s specific needs. 

RdM has the great ability to build ribbon limbs, so that was the starting point. Afterward, many more functionalities were added to make Loterito more cartoon-like, such as a general stretch and squash, sine deformers for the cartoon limbs, and the ability for the arms to go around the whole body independently. 

Loterito is a character modeled, textured, animated and rendered by Estudio Shout.

RdM is a great body auto rig created by Esteban Rodriguez. It can be bought at his site renderdemartes.com.

Perseus is a facial auto rigger created by Mohammad Jafarian. It can be bought at his site https://perseusrigging.com.

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