mGear-Based Rigs

mGear Character Series


Sam, Joe, Snappy and Beverly were characters for an unreleased project who were all rigged using mGear as their base. They all have custome setups on top of their main rig for their clothes, props or hair, but the main functionality of the rig was achieved through mGear. Sam and Snappy have different clothes sets and Beverly is a fully cuadruped rig and can turn on and off parts of her fur so aid in previewing what would have been done with xgen for the final rendering.

For their facial rig they have plenty of controls for deformation and expressions, along with adjustable head stretch and squash controls for extra cartoony emotes to give them even more personality. In the case of Beverly, she was also rigged with controls on her head fur, brows, and beard in mind.

Demos pending…

mGear is an auto rig created by Miquel Campos and his team. It can be downloaded at their site

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